Byrd Zone Workshops

We want to give all students the opportunity to learn STEM and try out Byrd Academy. Whether it's an Aggie Game day, a long weekend, or a Friday Date Night, we love to take any chance to give students a hands-on learning experience and get "in the zone" working on projects that incorporate all of the MESH'D Framework.

Drop your kids off for Byrd Zone while you enjoy a night out!

Electronic Valentine

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Portable Phone Charger

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Robot Bugs

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Automatic Plant Watering System

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Door Alarm

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Frequently asked questions

Who can attend?
Students ages 6-14. We do have a limited capacity right now due to space and equipment and will host a maximum of 8 students for every workshop.
What will be going on?
Students will participate in challenge stations revolving around manufacturing, electronics, coding software, or holistic design. The themes for each workshop will always be listed with the date.
When will they be?
We offer our workshops on days when students are out of school or on the weekends. We will always list the time of the workshop specifically.
For workshops during home Aggie games, our doors will open 2 hours before kick-off and we will provide programming for 6 hours. (We know a game might do into seven over-times but we aren’t quite prepared for that).
Will food be served?
We will have snacks and drinks available for students at Byrd Zone. Please let us know about any allergies during registration.
If your child is coming during an Aggie game day, we do ask that you send a lunch or dinner if the game will overlap a mealtime (11 am-1 pm or 5 pm-7 pm).
Is this just childcare?
Nope. We are not a licensed child care facility, we are only approved by the State of Texas to offer skill-building opportunities in the area of STEAM. This is why we are only accepting kids who are at least 6. We are just really passionate about giving kids an opportunity to explore STEAM and thought this might be a really ideal time to do it.
That being said, you can drop your child off and come back later for pick up!
Who will be with my child?
Mickie Byrd is our lead engineer and will teach kids a lot of what they need to know! Additionally, we have a staff of innovation lab technicians and former Bryan ISD educators all of whom are background-checked by the State of Texas.
Does my child need any special skills to participate?
The only requirement we have is that your child needs to be able to listen to and follow the rules of the lab. We are hosting Byrd Academy Workshops in a real-world lab and it comes with all of the excitement and danger of one. While your child doesn’t need to be able to code or calculate the trajectory of a projectile, they do need to be able to follow directions.
Where is it located again?
We are hosting workshops at the Make Safe Tech Technology Center. The address is 1003 Harvey Rd Suite 200, College Station, TX 77840. It is on the back of Guitar Center and we know it looks a little weird when you walk up, but the space inside is an Innovation Dream. You are welcome to come in when you drop your child off and take a look around!
Also, we love to bring Byrd Zones on the road. We have showed up to tailgates and STEM days, and would love to chat about how we could bring a Byrd Zone to a special event you might be a part of. Email us at [email protected] to chat with us.
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