Science experiments and engineering projects that you can do with objects you have at home.

Lesson 4: Retro Phones

To celebrate National Retro Day, we are going back in time to look at the innovation that created the phone. The idea behind phones is sound waves. Waves travel through a medium (i.e. air, string, water) and ultimately reaches our ears so that we can hear.

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Lesson 3: Design Iteration

To celebrate National Engineering Week, we are learning about iteration. Iteration is the act of repeating an action or process. In engineering, we usually start with a basic idea and then iterate until we find the best solution.

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Lesson 2: Creating a Prototype

To celebrate National Inventor's Day, we're showing you some of our favorite ways to prototype new inventions. A prototype is just a preliminary model.

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Lesson 1: Creating a Vacuum

February 4th is National Create a Vacuum Day! Creating a vacuum at home is simple! It is just where the pressure inside an object is lower than the pressure outside of it.

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